How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions

Published: 16th May 2012
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Great Lengths hair extensions are widely regarded as the finest hair extensions in the world. They are made of real human hair from temples in India, and they are indistinguishable from your natural hair. They can be styled and colored the same way as real hair, giving you complete freedom in transforming your appearance. Since they are superior in quality, Great Lengths hair extensions are also more expensive than most other kinds of hair extensions. If you want to make your investment worthwhile, you have to take good care of your hair extensions. Proper maintenance does not only make your hair extensions last longer, it can also keep them looking shinier and more lustrous. Here are tips on how to maintain your Great Lengths hair extensions:

General Care
For some time after the application of your hair extensions, you may notice small quantities of hair being trapped in the bonds of your hair extensions. This is a common occurrence, and it should not be seen as hair being removed from the scalp by the hair extensions. You can ask your stylist to cut the ends to minimize tangling in the bond areas.

Before you go to bed, you should tie your hair up in a soft ponytail, so that it will not tangle while you are sleeping. It is recommended that you use the Great Lengths pillowcase. This pillowcase is made of satin, and it is specially designed to enable your hair extensions to move more freely during sleep.

After applying your hair extensions, your stylist will ask you to return to the hair salon for a check-up appointment two weeks later. Make sure you do not miss the appointment, because the stylist has to replace strands that have not settled properly. If you feel uncomfortable or experience bond slippage after application of your hair extensions, you should seek help from a certified Great Lengths technician immediately.

It is important that you do not wash your hair with shampoo at least 48 hours after receiving a Great Lengths hair extension service or maintenance service. This is to ensure that the bonds will have enough time to settle and the extensions will not slip out after coming into contact with cleaning chemicals.

Refrain from using dandruff shampoos or other products that contain sulfur to wash your hair extensions. The best thing to do is to use Great Lengths’ products. These products are specially created to improve the appearance, condition, and longevity of your hair extensions, and they can be purchased in any hair salon that provides Great Lengths service. Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottles.

When you are showering, you have to tilt your hair backwards and wash your hair extensions from top to bottom. Washing your extensions while facing downwards can result in tangling. Use the Great Lengths Conditioner to condition your extensions. When detangling your hair extensions, you should avoid the scalp area and detangle the bottom half only. It is recommended that you shampoo and condition your extensions at least once a week.

After you have finished showering, use Great Lengths’ Anti-TapWater to create the perfect pH balance for your hair extensions. To dry your hair, wrap a Great Lengths Microfiber Headwrap or towel around it to get rid of moisture. Use a blotting motion instead of a scrubbing motion when drying your extensions, and make sure the base area is dried thoroughly to prevent bond breakdown. If you are drying your hair with a blow-dryer, you should use low or medium heat, and switch to cool shot when the extensions are completely dry.

The best way to brush your hair extensions is to use Great Lengths’ soft-bristle brush. This brush is specially made for brushing Great Lengths hair extensions, and it can detangle without causing damage to the joint between your extensions and natural hair. Avoid using a hard-bristle brush, because it can cause your extensions to slip out.

Always brush your hair extensions with gentle strokes. Grab small sections of your hair extensions with your fingers and brush from top to bottom, starting from the bonds. Avoid brushing between the scalp and the bonds. To prevent matting, use your fingers to separate the bonds.

Styling tools such as straighteners, heated rollers, and tongs can be used for styling your hair extensions, but you have to make sure that they are placed at least one inch away from the bonds. Apply styling products only to the lengths of your hair extensions, and not the bonds. It is recommended that you use Great Lengths’ round brush to blow dry your extensions.

Great Lengths hair extensions are suitable for almost any lifestyle. However, there are certain circumstances that may cause damage to the bonds. Activities that require constant exposure to a damp environment, such as swimming in a pool or sea water, can reduce the longevity of your extensions. Before you start your swimming session, you should wet your extensions completely to keep chlorine or salt water from sticking to them. Excessive participation in aerobic activity and regular use of sauna can also be detrimental to your hair extensions. If you are doing these activities on a regular basis, you have to remember to use the Great Lengths Anti-Tap Water immediately after every session. This solution will keep the base are dry and prevent alkalinity in water from damaging your extensions.

Great Lengths have created a wide range of excellent aftercare products to help you keep your hair extensions in the best condition possible. These products include the Daily Moisture Shampoo, Color Reflex Shampoo, Structure Repair Shampoo, Conditioner 60 Sec, Protector – Instant Care Spray, Super Shine Spray, Pearl Gloss Styler, Soft Finish Spray, Hair Mask Extra Rich, Serum Hair Fluid, and Anti-Tap Water. Great Lengths also has a number of high quality brushes for you to choose from, and they are the Flat Wooden Brush, Round Wooden Blow Dry Brush, Large Paddle Brush, Black Plastic Brush, Medium Oval Brush, and Small Travel Brush.

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